Connected to social networks


Conectavol is joining the social networks.

In line with the company’s strategy to adapt and extend its services through new technologies, Conectavol is joining the social networks.

Today, we are pleased to have our profile on the most widely used social networks, which can also be accessed from our new website. Each one represents an exciting decision driven by a desire to further the company and which aims to share attractive and useful content in various formats and to interact with absolute immediacy.

These new meeting places, which are already receiving a warm welcome, are another link and way of participating with the public that Conectavol intends to maintain an active means of 2-way communication, as befits our innovative character. Furthermore, apart from enabling the company to take a firm stance on the web, this project represents the best and most sincere way of demonstrating our corporate transparency and of expressing our appreciation of the trust placed in us. At the same time, as a result of our international expansion and continuing dynamism, it also represents a way of responding that befits these modern times.